Bike Review: Silverback Slider 1

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The Slider platform is a high performance alloy trail machine that features 140mm front- and 135mm rear suspension travel for aggressive riding. IDS Revo suspension technology is used on this mountain bike model, resulting in a stiff and predictable suspension feel with great pedalling stability. The 275 size wheel with large volume tyres works perfectly for aggressive trail riding, offering a great balance of grip, stiffness and agility.


  • FRAME: Silverback Intelligent Design System (IDS) Revo Technology, Exclusive Suspension Science, 27.5” Trail Machine, Hydroformed 6061 alloy custom butted tubing, Tapered 1-1/8”-1.5” Headtube, Silverback 12 x 142mm dropouts
  • FORK: Rock Shox Revelation RL, 140mm, Solo Air, Tapered alloy steerer, crown lockout, QR15 Dropout, Post Mount Disc
  • REAR SHOCK: Fox Float DPS, 3 position adjustment, 135mm travel, 200 x 50mm
  • HANDLEBAR: Sector in alloy and W: 740mm | back sweep: 9° | up sweep: 5°  15mm
  • SEATPOST: SBC dropper post, remote lockout, internal cable routing, 100mm Drop, 31.6mm, S: 350mm, M/L/XL: 400mm
  • BRAKE SET: Shimano SLX BL/BR-M675 with open hydraulic system. Also, metal pads and front rotors are 180mm & rear rotors: 160mm
  • SHIFTERS: SRAM GX X-Actuation SL trigger shifter
  • REAR DERAILLEUR: SRAM GX X-Horizon with a rolling bearing clutch and cage lock
  • CASSETTE: SRAM XG-1150 11 Speed

Silverback Slider 1 Bike Review by

Source: Silverback 


I had a quick ‘chat’ with Dayle Holmes the Industrial Designer at Silverback. Dayle provided some in-depth info into the design of the Silverback Slider.

Karlien: What is unique about the Slider Frame?

Dayle: The slider frame was designed for all round riding, utilizing relaxed geometry coupled with efficient peddling characteristics and robust hydro-formed tubing that isn’t too overkill for the trail category. We believe these bike models fit into a more all round category, or as we like to call it, XC trail

Karlien: If you had to explain it to my mom, what is the IDS Revo Technology all about?😛

Dayle: IDS is Silverback’s unique and custom designed trail suspension technology. This is a floating pivot design meaning that the bike uses a solid rear triangle that rotates on two sets of linkages. What makes this system different is that it uses a lower linkage that is concentric (on the same axis) to the bottom bracket (where the cranks are attached to the frame). This linkage uses large cartridge bearings to create a stiff and strong attachment point for the rear triangle. This removes any unwanted flex on large impacts and keeps also keeps the power transfer direct.

Silverback Slider 1 by

Karlien: How does this improve your performance for climbing and descending?

Dayle: The IDS uses a relatively high anti squat value that is optimized to complement dual and single chainring setups ensuring that power transfer remains efficient and direct. The system’s pivot point is floating, meaning it that it changes location as the suspension moves. We have designed it so that the pivot point moves downwards through the travel, reducing anti-squat on big hits to avoid any unwanted pedal feedback but keeping power transfer efficiency when at sag.


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Whenever I get a demo bike to test out, I immediately think, “which trail will be the best suited for this specific bike?” I figured the trails at Jonkershoek would be the ideal terrain for the Silder. Why? Well, the 27.5 wheels, agile brakes, dropper seat post and the IDS suspension system.

Jonkershoek trails are situated in the Jonkersberg valley in Stellenbosch. These trails are forever changing, well maintained and designed to test different levels of riding.

The Slider handled the down-hills like a champ! Quick & nippy on corners and potent breaks, so very agile. It’s my first time riding with a dropper seat post and I know some say it’s the future for downhill riding. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case for me. I’d rather manually adjust the seat post when I know I am going to enjoy a bit of downhill and want to have the freedom to move.

Check out the Slider in action!

Silverback Slider 1 Bike Review by Slider 1 Bike Review by

Jonkershoek MTB Trails | The One K

The Macallan brings the triple cask matured Fine Oak Range to South Africa

The Macallan Fine Oak Range | TheOneK BlogThe Macallan
presents two new expressions to the SA market, Fine Oak 12 and 18, and brings back a favourite; Fine Oak 15.

The Macallan, one of the world’s greatest single malt whiskies, will be launching the triple cask matured Fine Oak Range in SA. A firm favourite: Fine Oak 15 will be re-introduced, and two new expressions will also be rolled out over the coming months, Fine Oak 12 and the 18.

The Fine Oak range is triple cask matured in a combination of European oak sherry casks, American oak sherry seasoned casks and American bourbon casks, delivering a more diverse yet subtle style of whisky, whilst maintaining The Macallan’s core DNA which is a focus on sherry seasoned oak casks, natural colour, and rich, fruity full bodied flavours and mouth feel.

To craft Fine Oak, we bring new oak from America across thousands of miles to Spain, where oak casks are crafted and sherry seasoned before traveling to our distillery on Speyside to mature for twelve years. These whiskies are then combined with those aged in the very best sherry seasoned European oak casks and American Bourbon casks.  This approach reveals an unmatched investment in time and extraordinary commitment to mastery for which The Macallan has been known since 1824

Bob Dalgarno, Master Whisky Maker explains,

“The Macallan Fine Oak requires a distinctive approach to whisky making.  Being created from a triple cask combination, both sherry and bourbon seasoned, we are working with a broader spectrum of character.  The resulting versatile single malt which offers up great flavour diversity.”

The Fine Oak range will sit alongside The Macallan 1824 Masters Series which is available in SA, including Rare Cask, Reflexion, No.6 and M, – which now offers The Macallan fan a wider choice of whiskies from the portfolio.

“The Macallan Fine Oak Range is an extraordinary range of whiskies which bare testament to the incredible wood story of The Macallan, reintroducing this range into the South African market at a time where malt whisky demand and interest is at its highest is an exciting transition for The Macallan brand. This represents our ambition to translate our ultimate luxury spirit positioning and obsession with craft and quality to produce a peerless spirit, in one of the world’s most exciting malt whisky markets” – 

– Mac Mabidilala, Africa Marketing Manager

Commenting at the launch of The Macallan Fine Oak range, whisky expert Jim Murray said:

“The breadth and depth and sophistication of The Macallan Fine Oak range is simply jaw-droppingly good.”

The Macallan Fine Oak Range is available from selected liquor stores and online retailers (RRP for 12 is R599 (Limited stock), 15 is R999 and 18 is R2500)

What makes the Fine Oak Range exceptional?

The American oak casks are crafted from timber sourced in the woodlands of Ohio, Tennessee and Missouri and are logged by third generation woodsmen, who are personally selected by The Macallan’s own Master of Wood.  Some of these casks will mature bourbon in humid Kentucky warehouses for three years before the long journey to Scotland whilst others will be transported to Jerez, in Spain, to be filled with sherry.

The addition of American oak bourbon seasoned barrels imparts aromas and flavours slightly drier and more oaky than the American oak sherry casks, with more pronounced aromas and flavours of coconut, but still with the lighter colour and sweetness associated with American oak.

The European oak sherry casks begin life in the dense, sustainable forests of Northern Spain and each cask is handcrafted in the cooperages of Jerez where they are fired to ensure the spirit penetrates deep into the wood. These casks will then be seasoned with sherry for a minimum of two years before being transported to The Macallan Distillery in Speyside for filling with new make spirit.

The Story of The Macallan

The Six Pillars are the foundation stones for the fame and character of The Macallan. They encompass the strong sense of place at the heart of the distillery and the estate, together with their long experience of distilling and maturing a single malt whisky with a reputation for product excellence and distinctive character. These, in combination, contribute to the essential character of The Macallan.

  1. Spiritual Home; Easter Elchies House, built in 1700, lies at the heart of The Macallan estate in an area of great natural beauty and is farmed sensitively, in harmony with the environment. The estate covers 390 acres (158 hectares), of which some 90 acres are sown in the spring with our own exclusive barley variety (Minstrel) to make The Macallan. A single acre will produce nearly two and a half tons of barley, which will yield around 1,800 bottles of The Macallan.
  2. Curiously Small Stills; The Macallan’s curiously small spirit stills are the smallest on Speyside. Their unique size and shape give the spirit maximum contact with the copper, helping to concentrate the ‘new make’ spirit and provide those rich, fruity, full-bodied flavours so characteristic of The Macallan. There are fourteen of these curiously small stills, crafted from copper, each holding an initial ‘charge’ of 3,900 litres.
  3. Finest Cut; The Macallan takes only 16% of the final distillation from the spirit stills to fill into their oak casks. This is the best of the best and one of the smallest in the industry.
  4. Exceptional Oak Casks; The Macallan spends more on sourcing, building, seasoning and caring for its casks than any other single malt whisky.
  5. Natural Colour; the rich range of colours in The Macallan whiskies is drawn only from the wood of their exceptional oak casks
  6. The Macallan itself; From humble beginnings in 1824, The Macallan has grown from a small local enterprise to global recognition, based on a constant and determined attention to quality – one of the world’s greatest whiskies.


Press release written by Bonfire Media (South Africa)

Bike Review: Silverback Sesta Pro 2016

Silverback Sesta Pro by

The Bike

The Sesta Pro mountain bike or I like to refer to it as the Black Beast! The Sesta Pro is created for fast cross country and marathon rides. What makes the Sesta Pro stand out is the stiffness-to-weight ratio of the frame. This provides a good platform for the BURST technology to do its job in providing seamless grip, control and comfort. But read more about the geometry and bike specs below, and decide for yourself.😉

Silverback Sesta Pro by

The Technology

  • FRAME: SB Advanced Dynamics Carbon 29” Suspension, Tapered 1-1/8” – 1.5” Head tube, Press-Fit BB Shell, Full Carbon Rear Triangle, Carbon linkages, 142 x 12mm Thru Axle Integrated Dropouts, Replaceable Alloy hanger, XGuide Cable management System
  • FORK: Rock Shox SID RL. 100mm Travel, solo air, Tapered Alloy Steerer, Remote OneLoc Sprint, QR15mm Dropout
  • REAR SHOCK: Fox Float DPS, with three position adjustments. Also 90mm travel, 165mm x 38mm, Stainless Steel 10mm hardware
  • HANDLEBAR: Sector plane, double Butted 6061 alloy. Matt black and 700mm in width.
  • BRAKE SET: Shimano XT BL/BR-M8000 with an open hydraulic system, that packs a punch!
  • SHIFTERS: Shimano XT SL-M8000, 1×11 Trigger, Black
  • REAR DERAILLEUR: Shimano XT Shadow Tech Plus RD-M8000, Long Cage, 11 Speed

The Geometry

To give you a better idea of the geometry behind the Sesta Pro. I asked Raoul De Villiers, Head of Innovations at Silverback a few questions.🙂

K: Why is a proper bike setup important?

Raoul: It helps to put the rider in an efficient position to limit fatigue over longer distances and also improves their pedalling movement for best power delivery from their body.

Silverback Sesta Pro by

K: What about the Sesta Pro is unique in its Geometry?

Raoul: The Sesta bike was designed for cross country racing, and the geometry helps in this regard with short chainstays that improve cornering and maneuvering responsiveness. The longer top tube length and compact head tube also position the rider in a more stretched and forward position to help them keep the front wheel weighted during steep climbs and also helps the rider use more of the larger muscle groups in the lower body during pedalling.

Silverback Sesta Pro by

Karlien: Tell us more about the angle of the seat tube of the Sesta Pro?

Raoul: The seat tube angle is positioned for two reasons. One is that the actual tube angles make the seat tube in a more forward position in the area where the tyre would be at full compression of the rear shock to enable short chainstays without the tyre touching the seat tube. The other reason is so that the virtual seat tube angle is quite steep, again helping the rider to stay forward on the bike in a more powerful position suited to cross country racing.

Karlien: Tell us more about the BURST suspension on the Sesta Pro?

Raoul: The BURST suspension design came about from the need of a really stiff and responsive cross country racing full suspension bike. It marries the benefits of a stiff single pivot design with the controllable leverage ratio of a multi-pivot bike by using a solid rear triangle with short double linkages to the rear shock. In this way the overall frame and suspension design increases the stiffness of the frame while allowing the suspension to soak up small bumps and large bumps equally well. At the same time this provides good trail feedback that helps the rider stay in tune with the ground surface for better rider response to the terrain.

Silverback Sesta Pro by

The Ride

OK, so why do I call this the “Black Beast?” Let’s start with the frame and suspension system. The BURST suspension system felt like a soft cushion on your bum going  down on rocky descents. The Advanced Dynamic carbon frame provides the right amount of stiffness without losing too much of its agile features. This was the first time that I rode with a 1 x 11 groupset and oh boy, I loved it!😉 It’s hard to go back to any other groupset.

Overall, the Sesta Pro blew me away! I liked the frame geometry and very good bike specs on the Black Beast. If you are a bit more serious about your marathon ride, I suggest you consider the Sesta.

[Sesta Team and Sesta Race also available in this range]

Elgin MTB by TheOneK.comI took the bike out to Oak Valley and Paul Cluver, but you can read more about that in my post; Girl’s MTB Getaway.

[Video] Silverback Slider & Sprada – IDS Technology

Fresh off YouTube! Silverback takes us through a quick review of the Slider and Sprada, both featuring Silverback’s IDS Technology.

Silverback Slider & Sprada - IDS Technology

What is IDS?

Well, this is Silverback’s proprietary suspension system and it feels amazing! I can vouch for that!🙂

IDS Revo suspension platform is designed to inspire rider confidence in all trail conditions, allowing one to focus on the trail with a full sense of security. It couples an extremely stiff chassis with supple and smooth suspension travel, all at a very competitive weight. The IDS Platform excels in situations with rough terrain and pedals efficiently, keeping the bike stable and grounded with great traction in all situations, up or down.

If you want to find out more about either of these bikes, check out Slider or Sprada on the Silverback site.  You can also read more about IDS here. 


La Mouette Restaurant Winter Tasting menu

La Mouette Restaurant Winter Tasting menu | TheOneK

Irony is going to taste a Winter Tasting Menu on one of the sunniest Winter’s day in Cape Town.🙂 Rain or sunshine, go and indulge yourself by booking a table at La Mouette in Sea Point and work your way through the 6-or-7-course tasting menu!

Winter Snacks

Butternut arancini and whipped goat’s milk ricotta

Miso brandade, seaweed, crisp and pickled tapioca

Beef san choy bow, peanuts and coconut

La Mouette Restaurant Winter Tasting menu | TheOneK

Chicken noodle consommé Crispy shallots, turnip noodles, satay and sprouts

La Mouette Restaurant Winter Tasting menu | TheOneK

Mushrooms on earth Mushroom soil, black truffle croquette, salt and pepper chestnut.

(Personally, my favourite dish of the day! I am a sucker for the hint of Truffle)

La Mouette Restaurant Winter Tasting menu | TheOneK

Seared tuna Avocado pureé, tuna tartare, pickled cucumber, dashi jelly and tempura courgette flower.

(Tuna two ways is a treat, but the tuna tartare in the pickled cucumber is packed with flavour!)

La Mouette Restaurant Winter Tasting menu | TheOneK

La Mouette Restaurant Winter Tasting menu | TheOneK

Barbequed beef brisket Fermented and confit carrots, mash, cauliflower cheese pureé, smoked marrow crumble.

(This to me shouts Sunday hearty roast! The beef was a soft and tender as you would expect it to be.)

La Mouette Restaurant Winter Tasting menu | TheOneK

White chocolate egg Coconut cremeux, liquid passion fruit centre, peanut and chilli foam.

(Literally the crème de la crème of all the courses! For me, any tropical fruit like coconut and passion fruit is a winner.)

La Mouette Restaurant Winter Tasting menu | TheOneK

La Mouette Restaurant Winter Tasting menu | TheOneK

Winter Tasting Menu

6 course Winter Tasting Menu R395 with wines R665

7 course Winter Tasting Menu R445 with wines R745

*A vegetarian menu is available on request


The blog post and all the images in this post are owned by TheOneK. All opinions are my own and this post was not sponsored by any of the above mentioned restaurant.