Welcome to the One K!

Welcome! Welkom! Dumela! Jumbo! Buon giorno!

Greetings to The One (and Only) K blog. This is my first post & hopefully not my last. Seeing that the world was suppose to end according to the Mayan’s. I simply want to say welcome to a little glimpse into my life.

After being pulled into the wonderful world of blogger’s. I finally had the time to start my own blog. I know your thinking, another blog? Trust me, I’ll have something for everyone. Witty comments & jokes about recent trends. You are warned, do not take anything serious on here. Unless I tell you so!

This is my creative corner. If I can make you smile in the process, mission completed! Watch this space for fitness tips, food recipes & festive celebrations at varies social events. May you all have a good time with friends & family over this holiday season. If you’re still working. I’m sorry to hear, but thank you for your contribution to our economy! 😉

Ciao! x

Survived the apocalypse


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