PicknPay Knysna Oyster Festival 2013


“The Best 10 days of your Winter.”

Knysna Oyster Festival

The year has flown by and we are heading downhill from here. The mid-year school holidays during winter also marks the time of year when tourism in Knysna picks up. Knysna is a beautiful town situated in the Garden Route of South Africa. The annual Knysna Oyster Festival draw crowds from far and wide. This year the event is sponsored by PicknPay and provides festival goers with fun, food, and oysters. 😉

Knysna Waterfront, welcomes you!
Knysna Waterfront, welcomes you!

The Knysna Waterfront was buzzing with people, enjoying lunch in the sun overlooking the beautiful Knysna lagoon.

PincknPay entertainment area
PincknPay entertainment area

The PicknPay entertainment area is the spot where you can find daily entertainment, live sport broadcast, kids entertainment, and goodies from PicknPay.

Bike wash-and-go
Bike wash-and-go

One of the major reason for the popularity of the Knysna Oyster Festival is the sporting events. Oh yes! The events that take place during the festival are The Big 5 Sports Challenge and the Totalsports Xterra. There was a lot of eye-candy and bike-porn to go around!

Sunset yacht cruise on Knysna Lagoon
Sunset yacht cruise on Knysna Lagoon

If you’re not a the sport fanatic, and prefer to experience something different. You can book a sunset cruise on a yacht or boat at the Knysna Waterfront. We decided to take it easy, and nothing better than spending it with friends on a yacht on the Knysna Lagoon.

The wine selection for the evening
The wine selection for the evening

Knysna Wine festival will be from Monday, 1st of July and Tuesday only. Do yourself and pick up a bottle (or 2) of The Wolftrap Red – A blend of Syrah, Mourvèdre, and Viognier. A great wine for these chilly winter evenings!

A plate of large Oysters
A plate of large Oysters

Oysters are available everywhere; obviously! You’ll see the Tabasco Hotspot marking at participating restaurants.  We ordered a plate of 18 large oysters for R119. Prizes and quantity varies from spot-to-spot, but the idea is to at least eat one oyster.

Come to mama...
Come to mama…

How does TheOneK eat an oyster? Fresh lemon, cracked black pepper, and a lot of Tabasco! 😉

If you want to stay up to date with all the activities taking place each day. The best advice I can give you; download the Oyster Festival app on the Apple iTunes Store for both the iPhone and iPad. If you have an Android/Blackberry device, you can get it here – http://ow.ly/lzuMW

Also check out the Oyster Festival Events or follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

TheOneK‘s oyster experience, short & sweet!


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