Juicy, Sexy, Steak date!

Steak Hunter Entry

Most South Africans’ weekend would include the following; invite friends over, light up a fire, open a bottle of wine, and braai a thick-juicy steak. Deny it?

My Steak Hunter entry
My Steak Hunter entry

To Braai, would undeniably be one of South Africans’ favourite past time and something that unites our entire Nation. The past weekend a braai was a guarantee, but it was scrolling through my Facebook timeline as I spotted the following. Being a fan of Boekenhoutskloof Facebook page, I spotted the Steak Hunter page being mentioned. “Steak Hunter?” I wasn’t  sure what exactly it was, but after reading more; I was determined to enter! 😉

Steak Hunter, created in association with Wolftrap Wines {the ultimate braai-wine} from Boekenhoutskloof  has created a fun experience for all South Africans to enter.

The Steak Hunter Assignment

It is as simple as grilling a steak in your own unique way. You’ll have to submit a picture {your proof} on the Steak Hunter Facebook page HERE!
The Wolftrap_Great Steak League
Steak Hunter explains: As a member of the Great Steak League, each entry will stand a chance of winning The Wolftrap wines or more. Get grilling and get snapping! (Hint: A bottle of wine in that beautiful picture won’t go amiss.) You can submit as many photos as you like. Then you and everyone else can vote for your favorite entries, and from those we’ll pick monthly winners and more!

The One K’s Steak Entry!

I invited some friends {check}; open a bottle of Wolftrap wine {check}; lid the fire {check}; and braai’d a piece of juicy steak {CHECK!}
Steak on the coals
Steak on the coals
Medium-well, please!
Medium-well, please!
Steak on Sweet potato bread
Steak on Sweet potato bread
Red meat, red wine!
Red meat, red wine!

What are you waiting for? Go light a fire! 😉


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