Say Cheese, Fairview Cheese

Ms. Goat in the Fairview goat's tower
Ms. Goat in the Fairview goat’s tower

A few bloggers was invited to Fairview Cheese and wine farm for the launch of Labneh. The Fairview Labneh cheese is the latest addition to the Fairview range created and introduced by Shelly Zaidman. We were privileged enough to visit the Fairview Cheese factory in full production.

Welcome to the Fairview Cheese Factory
Welcome to the Fairview Cheese Factory

This is the group and please excuse the plastic outfits. From left; myself – TheOneK, Samantha Lied – MyFoodLove, Sonia Cabano – LusciousCapeTown, Ilse v.d Merwe – TheFoodFox, Fritz Brand – RealMenCanCook and product manager Shelly Zaidman. We signed our permission wafers and fully dressed in our sexy plastic outfits, we were ready to enter the factory.

Fairview Labneh Cheese
Fairview Labneh Cheese

The main reason we visited the factory is to see the production of Labneh. Read more about the newly launched Fairview Labneh cheese in my blog post. {Did you know? The milk used in our creamy strained yoghurt comes from pasture-fed free-range cows.}

Fairview Labneh Cheese
Fairview Labneh Cheese

The lovely ladies packing the Fairview Blue Rock. The Fairview Blue Rock won a Gold Medal at the 2012 World Cheese Awards and also walked away with the First Prize at the 2010 South African National Dairy Championships. The interesting part of this section of the cheese factory is that fact that blue cheese is made completely separate and as far away from the other cheeses. The is due to blue mould and white mould that can affect each other if anywhere near the facility of each other. It is very important to keep the Blue Rock in a separate room in a temperature-controlled environment.

Tip: Fairview Blue Rock and bacon make a mean combo! Try this Blue Rock, bacon burger recipe.

Famous Fairview Goats
Famous Fairview Goats

Fairview has a variety of locally and internationally awarded artisanal cheese. The majority of Fairview’s cheese sources is cow’s milk from a leading Jersey milk dairy. The Saanen goat’s milk used for production is supplied by the resident herd of over 1000 goats. {Look at the happy bunch of goats!}

No need to be concerned! The Fairview cheese factory is fully audited and compiles with international hygiene & safety regulations. {Did you know? The Fairview range of cheeses is certified Halaal and Kosher friendly.}

Keep up to date with the latest news from Fairview by following them on Twitter: @FairviewWine and like the Fairview Facebook page.


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