Flashback Friday: Sunday Roast at Leopard’s Leap, Franschhoek

Leopards Leap by TheOneK.com

Visiting the Harvest Table on the Leopard’s Leap Wine estate on a sunny afternoon in the magical Franschhoek valley…

Leopards Leap by TheOneK.com

Food, glorious food!

The ‘harvest table’ says it all, but it was even better than I anticipated. We received a glass of Leopard’s Leap MMC to wet our appetite. The Culinaria Brut MCC is best described as…

A shimmering wine with a subtle pink undertone. There is a zesty vibrancy capturing gentle red fruit aromas that finish in mildly lingering gooseberry, kiwi fruit and brioche.

Leopards Leap by TheOneK.com

If you are like me and believe that food should be enjoyed bite by bite. Then it is worth first just eyeing what is on offer, and then only dish exactly what you want. Starting with the protein. There is a list on display that indicate all the meats of the day and their prices, from which you can then make a selection.  I had Pork Belly ’cause how can you say no?

After you’ve got your meat you can proceed to select from a wide variety of side dishes available on the harvest table. The side dishes are weighed and you pay per 100g. Just be carefully to not be too heavy handed. 🙂

Roasted lamb balls was AMAZING!

Leopards Leap by TheOneK.com

Leopards Leap by TheOneK.com
Leopards Leap by TheOneK.com

Leopards Leap by TheOneK.com

Leopard’s Leap has a variety of wine cocktails that that they specialise in. I opted for the Rosé Cosmopolitan to accompany my pork belly. I think the wine cocktail is not something that I would normally order, but this was so refreshing!

Leopards Leap by TheOneK.com

Leopards Leap by TheOneK.com

Leopards Leap by TheOneK.com

Leopards Leap by TheOneK.com

The perfect Sunday roast!

Of course there is always space for dessert, (not really but I had to find a little spot somewhere). There are so many delicious mini puddings on offer and range from R25 – R35 per pudding. As per usually I shared one with my better half, and enjoyed an espresso to settle the stomach.

Do yourself a favour and book a table at the Harvest Table one Sunday afternoon and eat your heart out!

Leopards Leap by TheOneK.com

For more info for to Leopard Leap Facebook page or say hello on Twitter

Leopards Leap Wines

* This post was not endorsed or sponsored by the restaurant, the brand or the company mentioned above. All expenses was paid at my own personal costs.



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